Tiffeny R. Jiménez, Ph.D., is a Community Psychologist and Associate Professor within the College of Professional Studies and Advancement at National Louis University (NLU).

Tiffeny’s scholarship pursues intentional integration of praxis. She identifies as a scholar-practitioner interested in addressing a broad range of social issues simultaneously. She is committed to a collaborative liberation-oriented social justice research and action agenda, and intentionally works with a number of scholars and practitioners across disciplines.

Tiffeny is currently most passionate about a few areas of research-practice:

1) Creating more inclusive communities and socially just practices through local organizational and community-level systems change informed by a broader global political context

2) Developing theory and methods to critically examine deep cultural-ideological structures influencing the nature of oppressive community systems

3) Developing community-engaged educational opportunities that promote local geographically-based transformational community systems leadership

Tiffeny is the recipient of the 2019 NLU Excellence in Research, Scholarship, and Inquiry Award, and is currently working to develop the ideological infrastructure needed to support ethical and deliberate community engagement across NLU for communities we serve in the Chicagoland area. She is most active in the Society for Community Research and Action, the American Evaluation Association, and the Chicagoland Evaluation Association.

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