Journal Publications

Jimenez, T.R., Sánchez, B., McMahon, S.D. and Viola, J. (2016). A Vision for the Future of Community Psychology Education and Training. American Journal of Community Psychology, 0:1-9. doi:10.1002/ajcp.12079

Sanchez, B., Jimenez, T. R., Kent, J. A., Viola, J., & Legler, R. (2017). The Use of Community Psychology Competencies in a Fieldwork Practicum Sequence. Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 8(1).

Wolfe, S., Chien, V. & Jimenez, T. (Eds.) Community Psychology Practice Competencies: A Global Perspective. (2013). The Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice, 4(4). See:

McGroarty, E., Jimenez, T., Linley, J., Li, Y., Granberry-Russell, P., Williams, K. (2013). Importance of External Funding in Promotion and Retention of Assistant Professors in STEM Disciplines and Differential Impact by Gender. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 8.

Carolan, M., Onaga, E. Pernice-Duca, F. & Jimenez, T. (2011). A Place to Be: The Role of Clubhouses in Facilitating Social Support, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 35(2), 125-132.

Davidson, W., Jimenez, T., Onifadee, E., & Hankins, S. (2010). Student Experiences of the Adolescent Diversion Project: A Community-Based Exemplar in the Pedagogy of Service-Learning. American Journal of Community Psychology, 46(3-4), 442-458.

Foster-Fishman, P., Jimenez, T., Valenti, M., & Kelley, T. (2007). Building the Next Generation of Leaders in the Disabilities Movement: The Role of Mentoring, Networking, and Experiential Learning. Disability & Society, 22(4), 339-354.

Professional Newsletter Articles

Jimenez, T. R. (2020, June 1). A Checklist for Decolonizing the University.

Jimenez, T. R. (2018, July). To Liberate and be Liberated with: A Commitment to Realizing Freedom. American Evaluation Association – AEA 365 Blog. See:

Jimenez, T. R. (2015). The Contribution of Community Psychology to Understanding Cultural Competence in Practice. AEA 365 Blog – MSI Fellows 2014-2015 Series.

Jimenez, T. & Christens, B. (Eds.) The New Graduate Programs Group (2014).  The Community Psychologist for the last 4 issues (a quarterly publication of the Society for Community Research & Action).

Jimenez, T., Christens, B. & Zeldin, S. (2013). New Graduate Programs in Community Psychology Research & Action. The Community Psychologist, 46(4).

Sarkisian, G. & Jimenez, T. R. (2011).Guiding Principles for Education in Community Psychology Research and Action. The Community Psychologist, 44(4), 7-8.

Jimenez, T. & Smolowitz, R. (2010). Improving Educational Contexts for Training on Collaboration and Group Processes. The Community Psychologist, 43(4), 16-17.

Jimenez, T. (2009). Community Psychology Practice Training: Reflections from a Developing Community Psychologist. The Community Psychologist, 42(4).

Dziadkowiec, O., & Jimenez, T. (2009) Educating Community Psychologists for Community Practice:  A Survey of Graduate Training Programs. The Community Psychologist, 42(4), 10-17.

Book Chapters

Jimenez, T. R., Lee, G., Donaldson, S., Palmer, G., Somerville, D., Samuels, J., Motley, K., West, G. (2020 – manuscript in development). Building The Decolonial Village. In Psychology of Colonization and Decolonization. Eds. Olson, B., Masud, H., & Mingo, E.

Jimenez, T.R., Hoffman, A. & Grant, J. (2019). Chapter 5: Theories. Introduction to Community Psychology Online Textbook.

McMahon, S., Jimenez, T., Bond, M., Wolfe, S. & Ratcliffe, A. (2015). Chapter 17:  Community Psychology Education and Practice Careers in the 21st Century. In Foundations of Community Psychology Practice Book.

Viola, J., Olson, B., Fromm-Reed, S., & Jimenez, T. & Smith, C. (2015). Chapter 9:  Building and Strengthening Community Partnerships. In Foundations of Community Psychology Practice Book.

Technical Reports

Alexander, G., Cambray, M., DeVoy, T., Galea, K. Hines, A., Mays, D., Maderos, R. Owens, N., Norman, J., Roberson, T., Royster, R., Simpson, E., Stevenson, C., Jimenez, T.  (2015). Chicago Cultural Alliance Organizational Assessment. The Community Psychology Doctoral Program, Cross-Cultural Communication course, Chicago, IL.

Allen, R., Ali, T., Francois, D., Jantke, R., Jimenez, T., Markuson, L., Roberts, K., Samuel, J. & Williams, J. (2014). The P.A.C.E. Program of National Louis University: Organizational Assessment & Strategic Plan. Chicago, IL.

Jimenez, T. (2011). Best practices for mentors and mentees in academic settings. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.

Jimenez, T. & Luz, C.C.(2011). Developing a faculty mentoring program checklist. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.

Jimenez, T. & Luz, C.C.(2011). Confidentiality in mentoring relationships. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University.

Jimenez, T. (2009). First Annual Report of the Michigan State Plan for Independent Living. Provided for and presented to the Michigan State Plan Committee and Council, Lansing, Michigan.

Jimenez, T. (2007). Making Sense of SILC Standards & Indicators: Using Logic Models to Understand, Promote, and Evaluate the Work of a SILC. Provided for the 2007 SILC Congress, New Orleans, LA.

Jimenez, T. (2007). Survey Results for the Systems Advocacy Initiative: Assessing Member Interest. Provided for Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse, Royal Oak, MI.

Jimenez, T., Kobes, S. Law, K., Onifade, E., & Valenti, M. (2006). Logic Models and Logic Model Summary Report. Provided for the Student-Community Initiative (SCI) Evaluation Project, East Lansing, Michigan.

Jimenez, T., Salem, D. & Michigan Consumer Evaluation Team (2004). Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results: Analysis of Overall Satisfaction with Services & Case Management Services. Presented to Community Mental Health, Oakland County, Michigan.

Policy Papers

Jimenez, T. R., Beals, A., Smith, C., Fernandez, J., & Thomas, D. (2019). Statement in Support of Christchurch, New Zealand, in Condemnation of White Supremacy: Call to Action. The Community Psychologist, 52(3), Summer 2019.

Jimenez, T. R., Gleason, K., Langhout, R., Fernandez, J.S., Buckingham, S.L., Permut, M. (2016). SCRA Public Policy Committee Rapid Response: Statement of Solidarity with Tribal Nations Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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